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Monthly-Custom Program

A monthly Subscription to a custom strength & conditioning program.

This program is built specifically for your needs.

Whether you are preparing for your first BJJ tournament or are a seasoned MMA vet, we have you covered. Starting with a virtual (or in-person, depending on location) assessment, we take your whole performance profile into account in order to build the most effective training program.


  • 100% Personalized strength program on TrueCoach

  • Virtual Assessment with our Physician-led team

  • Regular check-ins

  • Address strengths, weaknesses, injuries + goals

  • Become a member of the Building A Fighter team

  • Access to our video workout library

Specificity and Individualization are the names of the game in high-level combat sports. Different styles, body types, weight classes, and needs are all accounted for in this program that truly delivers you unique benefits. We consult you to build a schedule and offer check-ins to ensure the plan stays effective after every workout.

This programming option truly puts you in the driver’s seat to take charge of your sports performance paradigm. Our expert services are designed to aid and assist in YOUR journey and YOUR training program.

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